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How secure are the payment gateways used by Accelerit? Print

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Credit Card

Accelerit uses MyGate to process its credit card transactions. MyGate processes transactions for many operators in South Africa and World-wide. Some of its clients include DSTV, NASPERs, Superbarlist and many more others.  If you own a credit card, then it is highly likely that you have already utilized MyGate or its parent company Wirecard for your transaction processing. 

Further to enhance security, Accelerit strictly does not store the full credit card details of any of it's subscribers on it's systems. We simply tokenize the details and transact using only tokens on recurring payments. Should there be any breach on our side, your details will remain stored securely by MyGate in their Level 1 PCI vault. The PCI Security Standards Council offers robust and comprehensive standards and supporting materials to enhance payment card data security. These materials include a framework of specifications, tools, measurements and support resources to help organisations ensure the safe handling of cardholder information. MyGate is Level 1 Certified provider and is required to be PCI DSS compliant, undertaking annual audits from an external Qualified Security Assessor.

Debit Order

Sage and MyGate are Accelerit's debit order processors, once again these are chosen for their stringent security requirements. You likely have already transacted via Sage or MyGate if you have any debit orders on any of your accounts.  Security is paramount in how your data is handled when processed via our gateways. We leave nothing to chance. 
We offer both these options to you as secure processing streams which do not require any manual intervention for the allocation of funds. This enables our systems to allocate your funds instantly without any delays or allocation errors.  


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