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Accelerit Promotions   2022 Promotions April 2022    New 6 Month Promo - 25mbps for only R293.00 pm !... FNB Merchant Service - Letter of Apology A formal letter of apology from the FNB Merchant Service Team    How can I check my international transfer speed? At what ratio is my home line contended ? All our home lines have an official contention ratio... How can I pause my subscription? Service Pause Request Please be advised that we are not able to action the request as we have... How do I check if my computer support 1gbps speed To determine the network adapter speed with the Control Panel settings, use these steps: 1. Open... How do I dial PPPoE directly from most routers i.e PPPoE Client on WAN ? Please note that this is meant to serve as a guideline on how to setup PPPoE on most routers. For... How do I dial PPPoE directly from my Mac OS laptop? How to configure PPPoE connection on Mac pro This Article Applies to:   Step 1 Click... How do I dial PPPoE directly from my Windows laptop? How to set up a PPPoE connection on Windows 10?   Step 1 Press “Windows key +X”, and... How do I move my current internet service to my new home? Looking to move into your new home and wonder how to migrate your current internet line?  Kindly... How does VPN work and how can I troubleshoot ? A VPN tunnel establishes connectivity between your computer and a remote server where the VPN is... How does the Accelerit Affiliates program work? Accelerit Affiliates Program This is program is for active Accelerit subscribers . Accelerit... How secure are the payment gateways used by Accelerit? Credit Card Accelerit uses MyGate to process its credit card transactions. MyGate processes... How to ADD FUNDS ( Credits in advance ) Please note that this is meant to save as a guideline on how to  ADD FUNDS in your Accelerit... How to check if my computer support 1gbps speed How to process payment on the portal HOW TO PROCESS THE PAYMENT ON THE PORTAL   STEP 1 Log into your client portal   Step 2 Go... How to request an upgrade if you using the Vodacom Infrastructure The purpose of this article is to make sure that upgrades are processed immediately Vodacom... How to run a speed test on Vumatel Trenched/Active Ethernet connection 1. Go to the Vumatel shop front. 2. In the top right corner, click on ‘Login’. 3. Click on... How to set a card as default via profile   Please note that this is meant to serve as a guideline on how to set a new/existing card as... How to set up your router on Vumatel trenched/Active Ethernet i.e DHCP Client on WAN Please note that this is meant to serve as a guideline on how to setup Vumatel trenched/Active... I bank with Capitec and I can't pay on your portal. Why is that? Please note that with certain Capitec cards you have to request your bank to allow Electronic and... I need admin rights to the Accelerit router - Please help? Accelerit's routers are fully managed by our support staff. This means you get it ready to be... I need my devices to be exposed to the internet - how can I do this? The process of exposing devices in your LAN to the internet may be achieved by port fowarding.... I would like to forward ports to the internet - how can I achieve this? From 01 December 2018 we are excited to announce that All Accelerit routers support port... My IP address keeps changing - How can I get a permanent resolution to this? Accelerit offers Dynamic IP addresses to it's FTTH users. For this reason you will find that from... Networking: What is Pathping/mtr? In an effort to take advantage of the benefits of both the ping and tracert/traceroute commands,... Networking: What is Ping? The most commonly used network tool is the ping utility. This utility is used to provide a basic... Networking: What is Tracert/traceroute? Typically, once the ping utility has been used to determine basic connectivity, the... PPPOE SMTP Error - What's the cause of this? Some email providers are tied to a particular network. This means that you will recieve emails... Some websites are not accessible on the Accelerit network - What is the cause? Should you encounter an issue where some websites are not accessible always run a trace route... Terms & Conditions on Refund / Credit Requests CREDITS AND REFUNDS To all clients that have self-registered , please note that a 10%... What Is The Difference Between FTTH and FTTB ? Let us address and point the popular question to start off and  let us dig into the differences... What fibre packages does Accelerit offer ? Please feel free to peruse our comprehensive offerings for your respective FNO via... What is a wireless range extender and what are the pros and cons? As referenced / copied from Wikipedia -:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_repeater Wireless... What is the recommended method to test my peak internet speed? 1. Make sure no other devices are connected to your router via Wireless or LAN ports prior to... What payment methods can I use to keep my account up-to date Please be advised Accelerit offers you two payment methods for your convinience.  You have the... What speed is recommended for streaming? Internet Connection Speed Recommendations Below are the internet download speed... What’s the Real Difference Between 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz? These numbers refer to two different “bands” that your Wi-Fi can use for its signal. The biggest... When on Accelerit I can't send emails - Please help? This is caused by the fact that some email providers require you to use authentication for... Why has my internet suddenly gone slow on me? The primary cause of your Wi-Fi being slow is usage and interference. Number of devicesLine usage... Wi-Fi 6: What’s Different, and Why it Matters? Wi-Fi 6: The newest generation of Wi-Fi connectivity, Wi-Fi 6 is based on IEEE 802.11ax and... Wireless B vs G vs N vs AC | What Is The Difference? So you’re in the market to buy a wireless router. You’re doing your research to find the best...
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