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Terms & Conditions on Refund / Credit Requests Print

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To all clients that have self-registered , please note that a 10% transaction processing fee will be levied on all refunds, only clients who have been assisted by Sales reps upon fully refunded as the validation process would have taken place.

Only applications that cannot be fulfilled due to no availability of fibre or wireless internet services will be refunded by Accelerit.

All other refund requests outside of the above statement are non-refundable.

Credit requests will need to be validated by Accounts with reference with our Service Level Agreement.  

Credits will not be issued where faults lie with a third party, as the SLA for FTTH is best effort and credit will need to be claimed to the third party by Accelerit to allow crediting of account to the client.

Please refer to the below from our terms and conditions:

Note - 11.10


All requests and queries to be done via email or client portal.No telephonic references will be considered.

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