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I need admin rights to the Accelerit router - Please help? Print

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Accelerit's routers are fully managed by our support staff. This means you get it ready to be plugged in without any configuration required. This also allows our staff to assist you remotely should you experience any issues knowing that no settings have been altered - this avoiding any finger pointing. This gives our clients peace of mind know that they have our remote support always. 

We do however understand that some of our more tech savvy clients need to have administrative access to the router for the purpose of altering configuration. It is for this reason that Accelerit does not restrict our client's from plugging in their own routers and configuring as desired. 

Generally you just need to dial PPPoE from your WAN port once you get your router and the service fires up, there is no need to even call us.  The exception to this is if you are on a Vumatel Active Ethernet network, in that case your WAN port must be configured to DHCP client and that's it!

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