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How do I move my current internet service to my new home? Print

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Looking to move into your new home and wonder how to migrate your current internet line? 

Kindly take note of the following steps to assist with the migration of your account -:

  1. Provide us with the date of when you will be moving in your new unit so that we can align the cancellation of your existing service for invoicing purposes
  2. Please provide us with the physical address of the new residence so we can check for availability of internet services.
  3. Please find out if there is already an existing fibre installation, if so, please advise which company installed the fibre. The landlord or estate can advise if unsure.

Please note once you have gathered the above information, your request will then be escalated to our sales department for further assistance regarding your migration.

NB: They may be an application fee that payable for your new home depending on the Fibre Network Operator that has installed at new residence.

Always refer to our terms and conditions for more information: https://www.accelerit.co.za/?page_id=107

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty


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